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PVC Guardrail Features

     At present, most of the domestic guardrails are made of steel and iron. No matter what kind of painting method is used, they can't overcome the fatal flaws of surface irregularity and rust. We often see the coating peeling off and rust stains. The color is monotonous, dull and unattractive. PVC guardrail has the following characteristics:
      (1) The color is beautiful, bright, and the surface is smooth and bright. It is the most decorative fence series.
     (2) There is sufficient strength. It has much better strength and toughness than wood. The guardrail crossbar and heavy-duty guardrail are lined with galvanized profiled steel for reinforcement, or coated with special PVC material, so that the guardrail takes into account the strength of the steel and the beauty of the PVC.
     (3) Installation is simple and fast. Mounting with socket connectors greatly increases installation speed.
     (4) Tougher than wood, and more elastic and high impact resistance.
     (5) It is harmless to people and animals. Even if it is not intended to touch the guardrail, it will not hurt people like steel and iron guardrails.
     (6) Long service life. Due to the special formulation and special UV-resistant absorbent, it does not peel off, decay, crack, blister, and insects.
     (7) Since maintenance is not required, the trouble of maintenance management is eliminated and the overall cost is lower than that of wood and steel guardrails.
     (8) PVC profiled energy consumption is only 1/14 of that of steel, so it is an energy-saving green product.
   The PVC guardrail has an elegant appearance and a comfortable hand. Its wide use adapts to the current environmental protection trend in the world, and has far-reaching significance for saving precious forest resources, saving energy, protecting the ecological environment and promoting the sustainable development of human society.

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  • 2024-04-17
  • 2024-04-17